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南丫島洪聖爺灣沙灘,輝記小食,長城燒烤場,Lamma Island - Hung Shing Yeh Wan - Great Wall BBQ (Barbecue) Place, bbq 場, bbq 好去處, bbq hk, bbq 食物, bbq by the beach, Great Wall BBQ Place, 長城燒烤BBQ場, 南丫島, 沙灘, 香港, 離島, 洪聖爺灣, BBQ燒烤套餐, BBQ燒烤食物, BBQ燒烤場, Lamma Island BBQ, Hong Kong, Hung Shing Yeh Wan, Hung Shing Ye Beach, HK, Outlying Island BBQ. 由南丫島洪聖爺灣沙灘輝記小食專心經營,優質食物,價廉物美的BBQ燒烤套餐,全場可容納150-200人,精心設計的長城燒烤BBQ場,面對著全海景,座落沙灘旁邊,絕對是一家人或與朋友、團體的假日好去處。The well-designed Great Wall BBQ Place is designed, built, and maintained by Fai Kee which is located at Hung Shing Ye Beach of Lamma Island. High quality food, and well-designed barbeque environment, facing the sea, and located right next to the Hung Shing Ye Beach, is perfect for family, friends, and groups to spend their holidays. The whole place can accomodate 150-200 people.

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